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“Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.”

Children Of The Supreme

As I gaze through the window of my spirit

I ponder the duties I have embraced

In my youth I have imagined a stage

Performing to the many listeners my tastes

Maturity envelopes consciousness of supreme compassion

Children spark the embers of spirit light

For their innocence and future I will fight

The universe mother accepts my courageous vision

I have united with the heavenly ministers of life

Our mission of salvation to redeem the lost

We shall bring regeneration and establish peace

Never will we turn back after counting the cost

The evil minded plotted for many years in secret

Their machines and murdering schemes of genocide

Only causes the righteous to work through moonlight

Never to grow weary, we embrace the wings of his might

The prayers of our children, our new songs

We mount the melodies that empower our dreams

The end of evil men will trumpet our dawn

Never to be deceived by men who do wrong

I pledge to write the song of peace in your heart

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

My Personal Spiritual Poetry

Flowers bloom forth

As winter turns to spring

Showers pour down

As April brings clouds

Seasons of great blessings

Overspreads the new day

Summer shines upon

As the sun touches down

The rays of brilliance

Edifies our bodies

And love washes away

Our faults of humanity

God the Father gives mercy

Through the Word of the Son

Now the new day of our lives gives way

A new cause for living is giving to friends

Now we are sharing our lives to give

To God Almighty fresh blood we live

The dynamics of caring a new world we’ll see

His spirit of rest the new day will be

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

A New Day

I Finally Found You

Never again do I search for love

You are mine, that special someone

I am so happy again, never to feel alone

And you know I do, I finally found you

All of my hopes and dreams come true

In you I found love, my life is brand new

I finally found you, my dreams come true

I finally found you and you know I do

You make me feel so special and whole

Before you I kneel, my true love I know

And to you I will give my love alone

I finally found you, my dreams come true

I finally found you and to you I do

And I give to you my love brand new

I finally found you, my love I found you

I really love you, to you I do

You are so special

You make my dreams come true

Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

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